October 6, 2010

October 6, 2010

Does God call us to be fit? Does He care if we’re unhealthy? If the heart is right, does the body matter? We want to know what you think. Weigh in on the discussion here.


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  1. Yuly Solano

    I believe that God does want us to be fit. Our minds (heart), body and soul say must be aligned (fit) with God. Our body is a temple and we should maintain it holy (healthy). Obese is not how God intended us to be, it brings on too many health complications.

  2. Lelia Chealey

    Yes, I believe God wants us to be healthy. After all, we are a holy vessel, housing the Holy Spirit. I never had a problem exercising to be healthy until about 10 years ago and I let myself go. I then got on the roller coaster of losing weight only to gain it back. Then this summer, I decided enough was enough. I took God at His Word when He tells us that “if we commit our plans to the Lord, we will succeed”. I took up running this summer, have toned up, lost 14 pounds and am running my first 5K on October 17th! I just turned 40 yesterday, so that was a whole reality check for me. Being not only a Mom of 3, I’m a Grandma of 2 and I want to do physical activities with them and teach them how to choose a healthy, godly lifestyle. Over the last 10 years my husband Gene and especially our 2 older kids have seen me diet and say “I’m going to do this program”, only to quit and never finish anything. But this time has been different. I gave it to God from the beginning and by giving this to God I have stuck with working out faithfully and my kids and husband are amazed!I give God all the glory for this life change!! God is so good and He will give you the strength you need to make the necessary changes that please Him. We just need to ask Him, trust Him and get to moving!
    Thanks for the daily encouragement! I heart Prayfit!! :)

  3. MammaG

    Totally agree with Yuly. A little bragging, lost 7 lbs last week. I have so much more to go. Good for you Lelia, I am with you!

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