August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011
Read: Matthew 26

“The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.” --Matthew 26:41

I spent the better portion of the weekend reading my good friend Jeff O’Connell’s new book, “Sugar Nation.” It’s an incredible read that looks deep into America’s invisible epidemic: Type II diabetes. Jeff, who’s dad died of the disease, takes you on an eye-opening journey, and what he discovers along the way is unbelievable.

But one of America’s deadliest diseases didn’t reach his brilliant pen until it touched his brittle heart. And as I’m learning, the truth isn’t bitter until it reaches the tongue and it doesn’t walk until it moves your feet. In Jeff’s case, both happened.

Friends, because our hearts are most important, it’s time we view our health through its eyes. Yes, God designed our bodies to give out eventually, but it doesn’t mean we have to give in easily. If our hearts could talk, what would they say about our effort to keep them beating? (Oh, I know the question is borderline silly, but try not to brush over it too quickly.) Simply put, whether you’re 17 or 70, we have a lot to do for the Lord. And if you’re reading this sentence, your brave heart is still willing. God forbid we have to stop because the body is weak.


Excerpt from “Sugar Nation” by Jeff O’Connell

Whether I was sitting in an exam room with my doctor, visiting the largest diabetes conferences in the world, reading journal articles or interviewing experts at major universities, I kept coming back to the same realization over and over again. To avoid a long and torturous demise at the hands of diabetes, I’d have to hit the road to figure out this thing on my own. You shouldn’t have to do that.”

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  1. BridgetP

    I enjoyed today’s post and forwarded it to several friends and family members.

  2. Diana Driscoll

    “God forbid we have to stop because the body is weak,” – love it! So POWERFUL! Thanks for this!

  3. June

    This is so important! I am forwarding this post to close friends and actively pursuing a better diet/lifestyle. We aren’t effective for the Lord’s work when we are weak. I’ve been totally addicted to sugar for a long time. It is not easy to change my habits. I appreciate this website and daily encouragements.

  4. LindaSue

    I agree “God forbid we have to stop because the body is weak” is powerful!
    I am a 66 year year old type 2 diabetic who started taking glyburide 22 years ago. The dosage increased and somewhere along the line Metformin was prescribed. At one time, I was taking 4 Metformin (500mg ?) tablets daily, and 20 mg of Glyburide. I lost a lot of weight and began to exercise. I added Water Aerobics because I have artificial knees, and a fused spine so that was easier on my RA damaged joints. The more fit I became, the less diabetes medicine I needed. Currently, I am taking NO diabetes medicine and my HGB A1C has been 6 every time it has been tested since I was able to stop all diabetes meds over a year ago.
    I know this is leng
    thy but I am living, breathing truth that being fit can defeat the need for medicine for Type 2 Diabetes.
    I praise God and daily ask for his help to keep on exercising.
    Thanks for this, can’t wait to read Sugar Nation.

  5. Sam Benavides

    Dear Jimmy, I’ve recently subscribed to your daily devotionals and I’ve been enjoying them immensly. I love your website because my wife and I started a fitness business a year ago with a similar goal, i.e. of educating people about health the way God intended. One of the things I realized along the way is actually contrary to what you say in today’s blog – “God designed our bodies to give out eventually” – which I believe you meant it from an earthly, sinful world perspective. But the truth is that God provided to Adam & Eve fruit from the tree of life so that they might live forever – read Gen. 3:22. Even after the fall, man lived to 900 years. So despite the fact God HAS shortened our lives to 120 years max, our genetic make-up is still designed so our body can regenerate itself given the proper nourishment – which is, I think, what your message is all about. Keep it up!

  6. Dawn

    @LindaSue… That is awesome!!! God bless you:)

  7. Sandie Powell

    I don’t take good health for granted…at least I try not to. I loved the post, Jimmy, and what resonated with me is the fact…life is a gift, not to be taken for granted. I am bumping 70…the tail end of the spectrum you gave. And yes, there is still so much to do.

    I look forward to what is ahead and the strength, energy, stamina, and desire to “getter he done!”

  8. Lura

    Thanks so much for the heads up on this book! I read the first chapter and can’t wait to read the rest. I know I am a sugar addict and am looking forward to break that addiction.

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