Pick A Food Fight

June 18, 2012

“And everyone who is striving, has self-control in all things.” –1 Corinthians 9:25

Read: 1 Corinthians 9

At PrayFit, we place a great deal of emphasis on healthy eating habits in order that you might live more abundant lives. Of course, we believe that this life is vapor-quick and that no matter how many good foods we eat or bad foods we avoid, our days are numbered. Let’s face it, food can’t save us.

And many say, “Since life is so quick, why not eat up?” We say “Since life is so brief, why not stay the course?” Think about it: Where does God live? He lives inside of us. Our bodies are His dwelling place. How much respect are we showing if we have a willful disregard for what certain foods — not to mention what certain amounts of foods — can do to our bodies? Again, this won’t translate into long-lasting change unless you see healthy eating as an act of obedience.

Now, we’re not saying we can’t enjoy food — even the cheat kind — but too many of our friends and siblings, parents and kids are struggling in a battle against food-related illness…A battle we were never meant to fight, and one we’re sure to lose unless we:

–push away from the table sooner
–shop smarter
–teach our kids portion control
–put up a fight

Besides, God didn’t design us to be at the mercy of food. Let’s bless His heart by taking care of ours.

–Jimmy Peña


PrayFit nutritional consultant Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, is the best in the business when it comes to helping people develop healthy eating habits. A stickler for education, Dana came up with this simple quiz to gauge just how much you know about the difference between processed foods and fresh foods.

1. Which typically contains the most additives and preservatives?

A. Frozen dinners
B. Sugary cereals
C. Canned tuna

2. Which is lowest in sodium?

A. Frozen pizza
B. Frozen vegetables
C. Canned soup

3. Which preservative is typically used to add color to hot dogs and lunch meats?

A. Xanthan Gum
B. Sodium Nitrite
C. Citric Acid

4. On food packaging, “natural” means…

A. Nothing
B. The ingredients meet federal requirements
C. The ingredients come from nature


Add up your score based on the following points system:
1. A: 5 points; B: 3 points; C: 1 point
2: A: 3 points; B: 5 points; C: 1 point
3: A: 1 point; B: 5 points: C: 3 points
4: A: 5 points; B: 3 points; C: 1 point

Your Score:

15-20 Points: All About Fresh
You know better than to mess with frozen pizzas and breakfast sandwiches and instead opt for mostly fresh ingredients and the healthiest of processed foods like frozen veggies, canned tomatoes, dried fruit and whole grain crackers.

10-14 Points: On the Fresh Track
While you may not always be making it to farmers’ market or produce aisle, your diet has a healthy balance of fresh and packaged foods.

4-9 Points: Packing in the Preservatives
A quick lesson in fresh foods 101 would do you some good. Pay closer attention to those labels and tally up the sodium count, are you getting way more than you need?

Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC, is a registered dietitian, certified athletic trainer and owner of Dana White Nutrition, Inc., which specializes in culinary and sports nutrition.


  1. Betty Mueller

    One of the healthy habits that I find so very helpful for myself & others that I work with as they create a healthy lifestyle is eating something balanced and healthy every 2-1/2 to 3 hours when awake. When babies are born, no one has to teach them to cry for food every 2-1/2 to 3 hours. By God’s design, we have been created to utilize healthy fuel-stops – small – balanced – and with frequency!!! Thank you so much for the daily word blessings!!! Have a healthy day!!!

  2. Jim Dewart

    Healthy eating is a “gift” from the Creator. When you receive a gift you are thankful that someone thought enough of you to bestow the gift on you. Gifts from God need to be
    treasured including your body, your spirit, your mind and all the resources that are
    meant to keep them healthy. The Good Book tells us that the body is the TEMPLE
    GOOD ACTIVITIES and your body will serve you well until its time to go home to your

  3. Sandie Powell

    Good advice…food for thought…pardon the pun. It takes all three facets of Prayfit to accomplish the goal of wellness, fitness, and spiritual growth.

    Thank you, Jimmy, for admonition and wisdom in all three areas.

  4. Jan

    Ok, today I’m going to admit something personal and ask for prayer. I am a stress eater. Two years ago, I felt good about myself, things were going well and I worked hard and lost 50 lbs. I felt wonderful and sometimes would even think I looked pretty good. Then a year ago, lots of things started happening that brought me down and I started back into bad habits of eating junk food, etc. I won’t go into what they were, but now here I am 35 lbs heavier because of it and I feel awful. I’m very disappointed in myself because this is a yoyo habit I’ve had most of my life. Pray for me that God help me to have more peace in him when things happen than to turn to food. I know I’m not the only one for I’ve ready too many comments here to know that. I want to be able to like myself, no matter what. God Bless.

  5. KristieS

    I am praying for you Jan.

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