Total Loss

November 18, 2012

“For you formed my inward parts. My frame was not hidden from you.” –Psalm 139:13, 15

Read: Psalm 139

As a little boy, I spent many a summer day sweeping floors and washing cars at my dad’s body shop. I felt right at home amidst the bondo dust and paint fumes — even though I could often be found asleep in dad’s office. But while I didn’t pursue the family business, little did I know that the body shop was a great place to learn about grace.

Each day, customers would come in to either pick up their cars or schedule a drop off, but then there were those who came in just for an estimate. They’d wrecked their car or truck, and all they wanted to know was what it would it take to make it good as new. And whether the damage was their own fault or caused by someone else, sometimes dad would have to tell them it was totaled; their car wasn’t worth anything. A total loss meant the insurance company wouldn’t touch it, and they’d have to pay for it all by themselves.

We’ve all wrecked our lives in one way or another, be it with work, a relationship or our health. Thankfully, a total loss is no match for the cross. What the world gives no value, He gives grace.

–Jimmy Peña


With Thanksgiving a few days away, we thought we’d encourage a good midsection training session to begin the week off right! Got 15 minutes? Try this at-home abdominal blitz before you hit the road. Do each exercise to failure before moving on to the next without resting in between. Take a one minute rest only after all the exercises have been performed.

Reverse Crunch
Standard Crunch
Double Crunch
–Rest and repeat as many times in 15 minutes

BONUS! – Click here for exercise descriptions and demonstration videos

>> We start the workout with the reverse crunch which targets the lower abs, since for many of us, the lower abs are our weakest part of the midsection. However, because we’re working with just bodyweight, feel free to mix the order up as you see fit. And if you try this workout along with other bodyparts, make sure to do this after your other bodypart moves. Reason being, you want your abs/core fresh to stabilize your body throughout a typical workout. Then you can move on to work your abs and train to fatigue.

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  1. Jim Dewart

    Grace is always the answer. Grace teaches us where we need to go, what we need to do,
    and finally Grace leads us home.I am always thankful for the assists I receive from you,
    Jimmy, and I really would enjoy meeting you personally

  2. Sandie Powell

    In the midst of total loss…been there done that…you said it well…God’s Amazing Grace rises like a tidal wave, washing over us. But unlike a tidal wave that destroys, God’s Grace brings new life, restoration, and a peace that passes all understanding.

    The lights went out in my life four months ago, first emotionally, then, one month ago, physically. Scriptures have been my constant companion, literally…typed up and pasted to index cards that accompany me, everywhere. It is a shame I defaulted to these Precious Promises in the darkness when they were so readily available in the sunlight and joy of my life. I encourage anyone reading this…don’t wait until the tears flow so heavily you can barely read your Bible…enjoy God’s Promises with 20/20 spiritual vision in a time of joy and God’s Blessings. by the way…God is good all the time…All the time God is good!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Jimmy, to you and Loretta.

  3. Catrina

    Thank you Sister Powell for your beautiful post note to Jimmy’s timely entry. God is very kind to give us what we need, exactly when we need it. You remain in my prayers.

  4. MamaG

    Sister Power, a most benevolent Happy Thanksgiving to you. My mind can only imagine your sadness; but my spirit rejoices from your awesome Godly strength! Thank you for your the wonderful example you’ve set for me.

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