Worthy of a Frame

January 22, 2013

“I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” –Psalm 139:14

Read: Psalm 139

Where do you keep your pictures? I’m not talking about fun, random, cell phone snaps or Facebook profile images. I’m talking about the special ones –- those worthy of a frame. That’s where we need to start…the mantle of your heart.

You know, we’ve all heard the statement that if God had a mantle, your picture would be on it. And while I love knowing that, I wonder what you and I would actually look like? At first, that thought might sound a bit weird, awkward or even irrelevant. I suppose it would be if we were talking about the body, but God sees our hearts. And like we’ve said many times, life is not about the body, and our bodies — these frames — will most certainly not last heaven.

But if anyone knows our bodies, what they’re capable of, and most importantly, how healthy they were intended to be on earth, it’s Him. So I guess you could say, we’re just pictures of grace; souls He saw worthy…of a frame.

–Jimmy Peña

QUESTION: God loves our souls so much he framed them with bodies. How does knowing that change the way you view the importance of health? Please give us your comments below and please share this with your Facebook and Twitter communities.

DID YOU KNOW? Obesity is threatening national security, according to a new study, because one in four young adults is too overweight to join the military. In some states, as many as 44 percent of young adults, age 18-24, are obese and unfit to serve and protect.

Source: Mission: Readiness

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  1. Hunter

    This entry is particularly thought provoking. I always meet people in the gym and we always end up talking quickly about other hobbies and activities we pursue, and so often church is the first and main one discussed. Its interesting to realize that we may go to exercise and also go to church, but so often the two are not combined or thought of together. Maybe we should start using the new and large amount of energy in our frames to go spread the word and make disciples of all nations, and maybe we should begin our workouts with a prayer and thanks to God.

  2. Sandie Powell

    Loved the devotion. It is encouraging, especially when things are tough, to be reminded…we matter, we actually matter to God. He sees beyond our fear, failure, and doubt. He sees something worth loving, worth salvaging, worth framing.

  3. Christine

    Absolutely love this chapter of Psalms. Thank you for this devotion today. Such a good reminder. Our health is important because we are a vessel to spread the Good News. Without optimal health, we cannot carry out His plan for us. On the flip side, we must not get too focused on our earthly body and neglect our soul. There seems to be too much of this in our society today. We must keep our eyes focused on the prize, Christ Jesus our Lord! :)

  4. dayna haynes

    This is amazing how God works. I am currently doing a study on David and this was the theme this week of how God sees the heart not the body. I really needed this this week…thank you for listening and obeying what God would have you say…

  5. Colleen

    What a beautiful devotion!

  6. Shari Turpen

    Did anyone else feel fearful when they started exercising? My BMI is 55+ so I need to but I’m fearful–maybe because I’m afraid I’ll fail again. It’s not like anyone will be making fun of me at home but I just feel afraid. Not sure why. I don’t want to dishonor God with my obesity any longer, but I don’t know why I’m holding myself back.

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