Prayfit Daily:

His Work

“But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” –Romans 5:20 Read: Romans 5 Don’t bend, twist or lift more than 10 pounds. Avoid slipping and falling. Those were my instructions 120 days ago. See, by sticking to those rules, the odds were in my favor for solid fusion between the new hardware and bones. […]


Over our summer break, Loretta and I spent an evening with The Maestro of the Movies. Admittedly, this concert had been circled on our calendar for months. If the name John Williams isn’t familiar, I’ll bet you my keyboard that you know his work. In fact, if you’ve been to the movies over the last […]

The Point Of It All

PrayFit Faithful, As we’re about to resume devotions on a daily basis, I wanted to help set the stage for those who are new (and there are a lot of you, so welcome and thank you). And to those who have been with us for weeks, months or years, you know how much I cherish […]

Out of the Wilderness

Hey Everyone! I sure have missed my time with you and I’m hoping you feel the same. I hope you and your loved ones are so healthy and so happy. And while we’re still not ready to resume daily devotions, I wanted to give you an update. If you’re new to the site, you may […]

Into The Wilderness

What a neat week studying Paul, right? (Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4)Thank you for being a part of our daily lives by inviting us into yours. It’s not something we take lightly or for granted. With the myriad of voices clamoring for your attention at every moment, we’re grateful […]

Falling for Grace

Not sure about you, but we sure have enjoyed spending a few days focusing on a single verse. (Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3) I know Paul’s use of an athlete has a special place in many of your hearts, but do you know the rest of the verse? That’s right, there’s more. […]

Live, Eat and Sleep

There he is. He’s been up all night. If you’ve been with us the last couple of days, you know what he’s writing and to whom. He’s almost to the end of one of his letters. The rhythmic regularity of the occasional drop of water echoes off the cold walls of the prison, and the light of […]

The Athlete

Where were we? Oh, yes. Under the light of the lamp; mid-letter. As we look over his shoulder, we find Paul telling the people of Corinth about the need for self-discipline. Not in order to earn salvation, but for the eternal rewards of reflecting the Lord in life. “I discipline my body like an athlete…”

The Light of the Lamp

You like themes? We like themes. Every once in a while we’ll begin on Monday by talking about a principle — such as grace or faith — and we’ll embrace it all week, infusing it into each day’s message of health. Welcome to such a week. But rather than circle our wagons around a singular […]

Distance Yourself

“He who walks with the wise grows wise, but he who walks with fools suffers harm.” –Proverbs 13:20 Read: Proverbs 13 Leading up to her third marathon, my wife had a simple plan: find her pacer and stay close to him or her no matter what. See, most marathon organizations provide the runners with all […]