Prayfit Daily:

Tell Me The Old, Old Story

Preparing for my trip to San Diego last week, I was at a loss. No matter what or who came to mind Biblically, I couldn’t avoid one daunting question: Who am I? I’ve had the honor of speaking to churches, expos, conventions, colleges, but this was different. The crumbled up sheets of paper around my […]

Absolute Abundance & Radical Humility

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”–Hebrews 13:8 Read: Hebrews 13 There’s a great scene in the classic movie Hoosiers where the aging coach, portrayed by Gene Hackman, leads his young team onto an empty court hours before the state championship. The intimidating arena was something the young team from Hickory had never dreamed […]

PrayFit on the Road

Ever been in an auditorium or arena after a concert or event? The chairs get stacked, everything gets cleaned up, and the lights start going out. Kinda gets quiet. That is, until next time the stage is set. After our week of talking about the Lord, His stage, and our place in the show, Friday […]

An Audience of One

I didn’t come out and say it, but we had a theme this week. Did you catch it? In “Side Show” we reminded ourselves that despite our daily attempts at attention, we’re not the star of the show. In “4’33” we took four minutes and thirty-three seconds to absorb the truth that God alone is […]

Can’t Be Silent

“‘I tell you,’” he replied, “‘if they keep quiet, the rocks will cry out.’” –Luke 19:40 The song of creation. Can you hear it? You and I are God’s special guests in a masterpiece performed in His honor that He conducts. Not only that, He’s given us “first chair.” In orchestra speak, first chair is […]


We were finally there. The 10th Anniversary Gala of The Walt Disney Concert Hall had been circled on our calendar for months. Loretta and I did nothing short of soak up every moment. We walked the red carpet, stood in the lobby, ate hors d’oeuvres, and to strangers who were equally as excited as we […]

Side Show

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” –John 3:30 “The kid’s got skills,” I said to myself as I sat at a traffic light. Waiting my turn, I looked to my right to see this kid on the corner. He was dancing with one of those big cardboard ads, flipping and turning it with ease. […]

There Goes The Heart

When I opened up the week with our theme of “heart” I wasn’t quite ready to experience writer’s block. And not the kind that sometimes arrives when a writer is trying to be creative, ohhh no, but the kind that arrives when there is too much to harness and gather. To try and capture the […]

A Heart That Reached

“She thought, ‘If I can just touch his robe, I will be healed.’” –Matthew 9:21 On Monday in your responses you gave some incredible examples of Biblical characters with “heart.” I have one to add to our list. She did what a suffering Job couldn’t. Jacob, David — them, too. Run through the Bible and […]

Hearts On Fire

Read: Matthew 26 “The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.” –Matthew 26:41 In my second favorite movie of all-time (Rocky II), Rocky walks to his trainer’s apartment in the middle of the night to ask for his locker back; he wants to fight again. Dismissive, Mickey delivers one of the most painful and […]