Prayfit Daily:


Last week around this time you would have seen me polishing my shoes and straightening my tie, as Loretta made some last minute decisions on earrings. We dressed up. Yes sir. Although my beautiful bride and I were likely the most unrecognizable pair at the pre-Oscar party, we dressed to the nines. Granted, our names […]

Grace In Numbers

“But he gives us more grace.” –James 4:6 Max Lucado once wrote, “Grace is the voice that calls us to change and then gives us the power to pull it off.” I thought of that quote yesterday while going through the vast number of prayer requests for those needing to come to Christ; each name […]

That Is The Technique

Watching a friend’s conference online this weekend, I had the enormous pleasure of listening to various teachers and preachers address students at Wheaton College. The topic of the weekend was evangelism, and Matt Brown (author of Awakening and PrayFit RISE LA special guest) assembled all the speakers for the gathering. It’s amazing how powerful words are, […]

The Missing Peace

“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.” –1 Corinthians 14:33 I’ve never been very good at riddles. My brain just doesn’t work like that. Crosswords? Forget ‘em. For the life of me, I can’t keep from looking up the answers in the back of the book. But puzzles? Well, that’s a different […]

Lent is a Heart Issue

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is a gift of God.” –Ephesians 2:8 As you’ll soon see, we love this time of year. Longer days, better weather (baseball)…all help put a spring in my step. Maybe you’re the same? It’s just a good time of the […]

A Prayer For Lent

For the first day of Lent, I wanted to let Rev. Scotty Smith lead us in prayer: Dear Lord Jesus…Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent. For the next forty days we’ll have the privilege of surveying your all-sufficient cross and acknowledging our present need, as we worship our way towards Easter Sunday — Resurrection […]

I Train Alone, But I’m Not

During college, my small band of training brothers was a tight-knit, crazy group. Whenever someone new would ask to train with us, we’d place bets on how long they’d last. Actually, I remember the non-verbal looks of recognition of knowing “this one won’t last.” We just went too heavy, too hard. We were too ferocious, […]

Let Us Use Them

“Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.” –Romans 12:6 If you have any classical music at the ready, go ahead and cue it up. (This reads better with it.) Ready? Now, imagine him. With only a candle to light the room, Mozart furiously scribbles with one hand […]

Numbered Days and Grace

Here’s to 43. Today is my birthday. In some ways I feel younger than the math would report, but in other ways I’d say the math seems just about right. And my birthday falls at an ideal time, don’t you think? During the days leading up to it, flower shops are buzzing and heart-shaped chocolates […]

A Prayer About The Ultimate Romance

My friends at Revelation Wellness and Holy Yoga both love – and live – the phrase, “LOVE > fear.” Appropriate I think at the end of fear week, don’t you? And with Valentine’s Day this weekend, I think I’ll let Pastor Scotty Smith lead us in prayer. A Prayer About the Ultimate Romance “I belong […]