Prayfit Daily:

A Sane Estimate

My faith has never moved a mountain. The Bible says, “Don’t cherish exaggerated ideas of yourself or your importance, but try to have a sane estimate of your capabilities by the light of faith that God has given to you.” (Rom. 12:3) That verse demands a week’s worth of devotions, amen? Reminds me of a […]

Pull, Together

I’ll never forget it. I was 19; the newest member of a very small band of brothers. We weren’t an official group on the Baylor University campus, by any means, these “Russell Rats.” We had no membership roster, no board of directors or rules and regulations to speak of, but we were very exclusive. And […]

God Saw Fit

What a good week dreaming with you. I just love you all. If you missed any of the entries, I sincerely hope you go back and read them and pray for those that shared dreams, hopes and prayer requests. Trust me when I tell you, it was a neat and powerful week. Anybody agree? This […]

With God…Any Wall

As we’ve been talking about dreams this week, I’ve been constantly bombarded with this thought: What if my dreams are not God’s dreams for my life? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I know, it’s brutal. Moment-to-moment, from one objective or dream to the next we should be asking, “Lord, is this wall for […]

With God, I Like My Odds

“I am still as strong today as I was in the day Moses sent me [into the land]; as my strength was then, so my strength is now.” –Joshua 14:11 In the book of Numbers 13:30, the Bible says, “We are well able to conquer it.” As a quick reference, of the twelve spies to […]

Dreams Can Mean The Pits

“You intended to harm me, but God meant it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” –Genesis 50:20 Left out, left behind, left for dead. I mentioned yesterday that dreams often mean the pits, well, here’s one example. Joseph could do no wrong in his father’s eyes, so […]

Today, Dream

Jesus, You Are My All In All. Happy Monday everyone. Hope you had a good weekend. We did. Yesterday I took Loretta to the beach so she could celebrate her birthday. Fun times. We love going to the water as often as possible. Seems it’s where we do our best dreaming. Pursuing God’s best for […]

Don’t Worry, You Will

When the naysayers said to Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Arnold, we never want to look like you,” he famously quipped, “Don’t worry. You never will.” My younger self chuckles, because on the surface that’s one of the best replies I’ve ever heard. But then again, it’s not the surface I’m worried about. Thing is, honoring God with […]

It’s A Run/Walk

“And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us.” –Ephesians 5:2 An author, speaker and member of the 1972 Olympic team, Jeff Galloway is a world-class runner. He broke the U.S. 10-mile record in 1973, and among his victories are the Honolulu, Atlanta and Boston Marathons. What’s his best tip? Walk. That’s […]

Distance Yourself

“He who walks with the wise grows wise, but he who walks with fools suffers harm.” –Proverbs 13:20 Leading up to her third marathon, my wife had a simple plan: find her pacer and stay close to him or her no matter what. See, most marathon organizations provide the runners with all sorts of tools […]