Prayfit Daily:

The Greatest Pleasure In Life

“People will be lovers of themselves.” –2 Timothy 3:2 Read: 2 Timothy 3 I happened to run across one of those motivational posters this weekend. You know, the kind with those powerful statements meant to inspire you to be all you can be. Well, even though it wasn’t exactly new to me, this one caught […]

The Comfort of Atrophy

Atrophy: The gradual decline in muscle; to waste away. I first learned of the word back in college while sitting around the lunch table with my fellow lifting buddies. A novice weightlifter, I was growing like a weed. I remember thinking – wait no – I remember knowing that the work and food I was […]

Free Fallin

“Come, follow me.” — Matthew 4:18-20 Whew, Friday. Looking back down the week’s mountain, some of us wonder how and why we made it. I know I do. That Monday meeting, Tuesday’s test, Wednesday’s disappointment. You get the point. But it’s ok to look back. Moses looked back at the sea he crossed. Daniel looked […]

Imperfect Me

Been a good week for me personally. Hope it’s been the same for all of you. (Say ‘amen’ in the comment section if hearing something about Gideon, Moses and Daniel BEFORE they became “Gideon, Moses and Daniel” has been a blessing.) Well, in the heart of our week’s theme, I came across a list of […]

Go Back and Ask

“God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites. I AM has sent me to you.” –Exodus 3:14 Back in high school, I had a basketball coach ask me if I’d come back to the team. It had been a couple years since I’d played, […]

Not A Scratch

Continuing our “Before They Were Conquerors” series, Danny was class president. Voted most likely to succeed. He was large and in charge. His name topped the list. Yes indeed, he out-shined them all. And they hated him for it. In fact, Danny’s enemies resented him so much that they looked into his past to find […]

I Am The Least

Last week we mentioned we were going to take a look at Biblical characters at the moment before they became conquerors, and well, Gideon’s story is so cool. To get somewhat of a sense of a backdrop, read the first part of Judges 6 with me: “Yet again the People of Israel went back to […]

Before They Were Conquerors

In my men’s Bible study this semester, we’re studying the books of Joshua and Judges, and this week we began our discussion on Gideon. Many of us are probably familiar with the story of Gideon, but what was Gideon doing right before God called him? It’s a question I learned the answer to earlier this […]

Oxygen Debt

As athletes, you know the feeling; hands on your knees, trying to catch your breath after a grueling set of wind sprints. You try and stand tall, putting your hands on your head, desperately gasping for air. Before you know it, coach blows the whistle for the team to get back on the line to do […]


Last week around this time you would have seen me polishing my shoes and straightening my tie, as Loretta made some last minute decisions on earrings. We dressed up. Yes sir. Although my beautiful bride and I were likely the most unrecognizable pair at the pre-Oscar party, we dressed to the nines. Granted, our names […]