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Hope Does Not Disappoint

“Hope does not disappoint.” –Romans 5:5 Read: Romans 5 I’ve always loved today’s verse. Read it again. I’ve purposefully held out the surrounding verses, because I want to focus on this phrase for a second. See, when the world mentions the word “hope,” its tone is usually one of question or doubt. I hope I […]

Grace Puts Faith To Work

What a week. Anybody care to sigh with me? Do me a favor as you read this sentence and join me in a big, deep breath. Inhale……exhale-uhhhh. How’s that? I can almost feel your collective participation. Thanks guys. Friday is always a good day for a recap, but if you’re like me, recaps are tough […]

Stay Hungry

“And I do not want to send them away hungry, for they might faint on the way.” –Matthew 15:32 Read: Matthew 15 I bet they couldn’t get enough. In fact, the sun had set three times and I wonder if they even noticed. Who was this man? The words, the wisdom, the…grace! Indeed, I bet […]

On God’s Errand

er-rand: a short journey undertaken in order to deliver or collect something, often on someone else’s behalf. A couple days away from the dawn of a new year, and I can’t believe how fast 2013 came and went. Anybody with me on this? It literally feels like it flew by. Last night, Loretta and I […]

It Was A Gift

I’ve never shared this story before, but Christmas seems to be the perfect time for it. A few years ago, traveling with a friend and client, I was working, writing the first PrayFit book, doing my thing. Well, one busy day he called me over and asked me to take a walk with him. I […]


We know the story, but we love it. Two thousand years ago, God made an unexpected trip. Because we were unable to get to Him, He came to us. God left Heaven’s hall for Bethlehem’s stall. He then climbed out of his crib and onto the cross for your sins and mine. Imagine, God with […]

A Healthy Conscience

“But we must hold on to the progress we have already made.” –Philippians 3:16 Read: Philippians 3 With Thanksgiving in the rear-view — deep breath — it’s time to gear up for Christmas. School activities, shopping lists, travel arrangements. Add to that a genuine desire to be healthy and as fit as possible, and the […]

Go Back and Ask

“God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites. I AM has sent me to you.” –Exodus 3:14 Read: Exodus 3 When Moses needed a name, he got one. “Tell them I AM sent you.” Before Moses became one of the greatest leaders the world ever […]

Pure Strength

Yesterday we touched on the idea of “A Strong Life” and I thought we’d continue the discussion. What exactly does a strong life look like? In the shortest, simplest form, the strongest life you’ll ever meet — both spiritually and physically — is one that has committed their life to Christ and is committed to […]

Wear The Song Out

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path.” –Psalm 119:105 Read: Psalm 119 I’m gonna wear this song out. Seems I can’t get over a new ditty by Steven Curtis Chapman. Play, repeat, play, repeat. Thing is, I want to wear this song out; out on my walk, out […]