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Practically everyone I know wants to lose weight and get more fit—myself included. . . . This battle is as much spiritual as it is physical, and most exercise and diet specialists miss this, but not Jimmy Peña and his PrayFit Diet plan. Getting fit God’s way ensures you have the proper perspective on how and who God made you to be. When you have this foundation firmly in place, you will not be motivated to get fit to prove you are a somebody, but to express the somebody you are in Christ.

author of Making Room for Life and
The Heart of the Story and senior pastor at Oak Hills Church

Jimmy Peña has been doing his thing in fitness for decades, but with PrayFit, he’s taken things to a whole new level. If you’re looking to build a stronger faith while also getting healthier, then The PrayFit Diet is the resource for you.


Jimmy Peña’s The PrayFit Diet provides the moral case for why every human being should be living with food discipline—for their benefit and for the glory of God.

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